Why buy a copy of some painting, when YOU can be the star of the art work? Impress your friends with a personalised and unique drawing of your car, together with your family, friends or pet. Great when printed on canvas on the wall or as a one of a kind Christmas card. Have one made of a friend for his or her birthday, succes garantueed! The price depends on the amount of detail and customisation you require, but having your own personalised art has never been so affordable.

Have your own, personalised art work

All artwork © Sven van der Hart

How does it work?

  1. 1.You send some photo’s of your car (any brand, any make!) and the persons, pets or teddy bears etc (max 4 persons) that you would like to see in it.

  2. 2.Choose a background (see below) or request a custom background.

  3. 3.Send the pictures or a link to them to order @ svenvanderhart.com

  4. 4.I’ll get in touch with you and propose my idea.

  5. 5.After your OK, I’ll do the rest of the work!

What do you get?

  1. 1.You’ll receive files of the drawing in three resolutions, small enough to mail to your family and friends, big enough to print on even A0 size!
  2. 2.On top of that, you will receive a file of the isolated car with the person(s) on a white background. Makes a great T-shirt or mug.

Pay with

or bank transfer. Dutch, Danish and UK account available.

Prices and backgrounds are subject to change. Artwork can only be used for personal use and can not be used for commercial purposes. Prices for commercial use on request.

Custom design

To have something really special, you can also order a design with your own background to realise your dreamsetting. Send me pictures of your car, yourself or your family or friends, tell me which setting you would like (area, country) and I’ll make something really special for you. First you will receive a propositional sketch and once you’re happy with it, I’ll start working on it. To get a quote, send me an E-mail.

Choose your background

(Click on picture for larger view)